B3ta.co.uk is something special. At B3ta anyone can post his/her own humorous (photoshop) images. It features contests, games, puzzles, a weblog, and lots more.. You have to see it for yourself.

Whenever I have some time on my hands, and I have a fun idea, I create and post an image there. Over the years I have created more than 500 pictures and animations for b3ta. A series that I did – the Record Store Cats – even grew into an internet viral. More on that story here.

To showcase all the images I make for b3ta, I originally hosted them at a special section on this website (hnldesign.nl). As it started growing and gaining more and more visitors, I decided to move everything to a new, seperate domain. That website became totalleh.com.

(note: some people could find some of the content to be offensive).