has moved on to a new concept and a new image. WePowder is aimed at the (semi-) prorider community, providing them a platform on which they can share information about locations, weather, gear etc. It features an advanced system for geopositioning (e.g. members can change their positions worldwide to indicate their current location. They can then associate info with their current position). Foremost, WePowder is closely linked to the WePowder book, featuring all great freeriding locations on the European mainland. In short, WePowder is the Stormrider’s Guide equivalent for freeride skiers and boarders in the Benelux.

For WePowder I have designed the logo, the (first) layout of the website and various other artwork such as stickers and labels. The website has gone live for a few months now, and is due for a coding overhaul and a visual facelift soon. Stay tuned.