After the logo and visual design I made earlier, Skizone – in 2005 – wanted to transform its content into a more magazine-look. Bart asked me to create some studies for this.

The new logo features ‘Magazine’ in addition to just ‘Skizone’. This is done one one hand because Skizone wants a more magazine-feel and look to it – instead of just a boring plain website – and on the other hand to keep open an option to publish a real (paper) magazine in the future.

The first two drafts are early drafts for the cover of a real Skizone Magazine. This would be the website version of this design, but it presented us with some problems in implementation and coding, so we had to change it.

I then produced new, website-friendly drafts as a new layout for the website. Some are good-looking and action-packed, but do not reflect the symplicity of the skizone logo (too much blue, too much lines). So I ‘downgraded’ this layout to a similair – yet more basic – design with more white, more space and less explosive use of colors and imagery.

This resulted in a simple and accesible design; more suited for a website (see image ->).