Somewhere in december 2002, I came up with the concept of poldermodelstickers. They are based on the familiar Dutch JA/NEE stickers, which let the mailman know wether or not a person would like to receive certain types of mail. Associate them with the Dutch political ‘poldermodel’, charge them with controversial subjects/viewpoints, and – voila – a Poldermodelsticker! To the left is the sticker that lay at the base; the ‘original sticker’.

This idea went viral locally (in the Netherlands) quite quickly in 2002, fueled by then popular viral e-mailing. This proved the viability of the idea, and subsequently a website was born.

Every time a news-item contained some Dutch inconsistency or there was some conflicting nature about it, it would be reflected on the site in the form of a new sticker.

The website is still online here and the whole archive can be seen here