I have come to terms with my rather disturbed past in music making. From 1995 until about 2001, I regularly made – bad – music in Impulse Tracker, a tracker program for MS-DOS. At the time, it was all great fun, and I mostly cut samples from existing songs, after which I would then – in retrospect – thoroughly maim and mutilate the song.

Of course, more than a decades down the line, and some experiences richer, I now realize what a load of insanity I generated in those MODs. The songs themselves reached a cult-status on my hard-drive and were begging to be put to sleep/use. To completely say goodbye to my old alter ego ‘Delta’, I have created a compilation of all

the crap I made in Impulse Tracker and decided to upload it to last.fm and set it completely free (meaning you can download it, though you probably don’t want to do that).

The cover art turned out much better than the actual songs. I guess irony can be pretty ironic sometimes..

So without further a due: www.last.fm/music/c_kick/Delta+-+When+I+Was+Mental click it and enjoy instant classics like ‘Raping Mario’, ‘I Probably Had Too Much Sugar’ and ‘Carl’s Gay’

All tracks maimed, mutilated, cut-sampled, badly mixed, terribly dubbed and even more horridly arranged by Delta.